Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge

Driver Prospect

Tony (TJ) Velez




Buffalo Grove, IL


  • 2011 State Minicup Champion with CSR Supercups
  • 2009 Most Improved Driver Award with CSR Supercups
  • 2006 TraneSpeedway SC Champ and Track Record


I have been racing since the age of 11, and competing since the age of 12. I have the heart, desire and determination to win. I never give up under any circumstances. I love racing! If I could do it 24/7, I would. I am a self-taught driver. I learn by watching and listening. My peers have told me I am fast and smooth behind the wheel and I drive a consistent line. I have consistent top five finishes. I can adapt to any track, any conditions, in any car, quickly! Thanks for the opportunity Peak.

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