Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge

Driver Prospect

Chris Perry




Shelby Township, MI


  • '08Legends:Rookie of the Year,2nd in Pts, 2 Wins
  • '07 1/4 Midget: Heavy 160- 4 Series Championships
  • 1/4Midget Career:200+Feature Wins,16 Championships


Racing has been a big part of my life since I was 5. The art of racing has come second-nature to me. My skillset and knowledge far exceeds my peers, as I am able to see the race evolve a half lap ahead of time. I used these skills to win 200+ races and 16 championships in 1/4 midgets, 2 feature wins, Rookie of the Year, and 2nd overall points in legends. Given the right opportunity, I know I can prove I am capable of competing at the highest level of racing with the highest level of competitors.

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11277 votes x 5 pts

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